Nokia Lumia 920 Manual User Guide

Nokia Lumia 920 user manual guide free pdf download instruction book online operating Setting Troubleshooting Support - This Nokia Lumia 920 user manual is available for FREE at Nokia website, Nokia Lumia 920 merely collect the information, we neither affiliated with the author(s), the website and any brand(s) nor responsible for its content and change of content. (Read our disclaimer before you download the document from the website).

How to connect your computer to the web?
1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Settings -> internet sharing.
2. Switch Sharing to On.
3. To change the name of your connection, tap setup -> Broadcast name, and write a name.

How to create an album?
If your computer is a Mac, install the Windows Phone app from the Mac App Store.
1. Connect your phone to a compatible computer with a compatible USB cable.
2. On your computer, open a file manager, such as Windows Explorer or Finder, and browse to the folder for photos.
3. Add a new folder, give it a name, and add photos to the folder.
4. The folder appears as an album inthe albums view on your phone.

How to set the WiFi connection?
1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap  Settings.
2. Tap Wi-Fi.
3. Make sure Wi-Fi networkingis switched to On.
4. Select the connection you want to use.

How to set up an account?
1. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap  Settings> email+accounts.
2. Tap add an accountand the name of the service, and follow the instructions shown.
Nokia Lumia 920 Manual User Guide
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It’s available online and we can download this manual at (the official Nokia website). We collect all the Nokia Lumia 920 information from various sources and also manual book to guide you all instruction for operating the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone correctly. The information collected in this process is not associated with a specific personal identity.

To know more about complete quick operating guide of Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, you can download this Nokia Lumia 920 user manual below.

Download Nokia Lumia 920 user guide.PDF (1.11 MB)

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