Samsung Ativ Manual User Guide

Samsung Ativ Manual User Guide and Troubleshooting Tips - To copy the external storage disk? You need to purchase an external hard USB connector separately to connect the hard disk and your computer. Start Recovery and click Disk copy. Select an option in Disk recovery Point and click Disk copy. The data on the current hard disk is saved to the new hard disk. If the data is completely saved, open the hard disk cover at the bottom of your computer and replace the existing hard disk with the new one. Your computer is now equipped with a new hard disk. You can use your computer with a larger hard disk capacity with the same configuration as the old one.
Samsung Ativ
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How to backup your computer to an external device?

To back up your computer to an external storage device, connect the external storage device and select the relevant drive.
Click Backup in the Recovery Home screen. Select the drive to save and click Backup.
How to recover your computer?

If the backup image is saved to an external storage device, connect the device.
Start Recovery and click Recover.

You may need this user guide to improve your experiences while using this Windows 8 tablet. In some countries, the purchase or retail package does not include the user manual, so you have to download manually from the Samsung official website. Please use our download link below to get the user manual of Samsung Ativ series. Inside this user manual, you can find detailed information about your Samsung Ativ, operating instruction and troubleshooting tips. Use the link we provide below to start downloading the Samsung Ativ tablet user manual. Then you will be redirected to our download page where you can obtain the direct access to the PDF file. Save it to your computer and open with your favorite PDF reader.

Download Samsung Ativ User Manual.PDF (21.37 MB)

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