Sonim XP STRIKE User Manual Guide

Sonim XP STRIKE User Manual Guide free pdf download instruction book online operating Setting Troubleshooting Support - This phone is also waterproof, corrosive sea water. And resistant to a depth of 1m below the surface of the water, dust and super hard, given the protective copper around the LCD, so the LCD is not broken though crushed cars. Even Sonim XP3 hold up to 60 degrees Celsius. Warranty was not kidding, Sonim 3 year warranty unconditionally.
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Sonim XP3 is perfect for you who work in the building or divers and no longer need to worry if your little one plays HP, because HP is designed to be more resilient to a height of 3 meters or less, and are certified IP67 standards are more durable IP57 standard normal .

The specs on the stretcher Sonim XP3 include:
* The phone is built from Philips Nexperia 6120 platform with an ARM-9 processor
* Battery 1900mAh
* Durability 15 hours of GSM / EDGE
* LCD display 65 thousand colors
* Size 1.77 inch
* 2MP Camera
* Bluetooth (1.2) with DUN, OPP, SPP, HSP, HFP
* MiniUSB
* WAP 2.0 with support for GPRS elas 10
* Dimensions are 118.8 x 56.3 thick enough x 24.6 mm
Download Sonim XP STRIKE User Manual Guide

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