Micromax A110 Manual User Guide

Micromax A110 Manual User Guide and Troubleshooting Tips - How to Install Secure Certificate from SD Card? Follow the instruction below: You may need to download the certificates from a website.
1. Copy the certificate from your computer to the root of the SD card.
2. Touch Settings -> Personal -> Security.
3. Touch Install from SD card.
4. Touch the file name of the certificate to install. Only the names of certificates that you have not already installed on your phone are displayed.
5. If prompted, enter the certificate’s password and touch OK.
6. Enter a name for the certificate and touch OK.
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Table contents of Micromax A110 user manual
  • Phone Layout
  • Getting Started
  • Placing and Receiving Calls
  • The Home Screen
  • Working with menus
  • Managing Notification
  • Messaging
  • Multimedia
  • Manage Account
  • Connect to Networks and Devices
  • Applications
  • Health and Safety Precautions
  • Taking Care of Your Device
How to unlock your phone?
You may need to provide PIN, Password, or draw a pattern to unlock your phone. To unlock the screen:
1. Press the power key to wake up the phone.
2. Hold and drag the unlock icon to unlock.
You may be required to unlock your phone based on the unlock method in settings.
To set the unlock method:
1. On the main menu, touch Settings > Security > Screen lock.
3. Choose the type of locking as desired. You can set your screen lock on the basis of pattern, PIN, Password or none.

To know more about complete quick operating guide of Micromax A110 smartphone, you can download this Micromax A110 user manual below.

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