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BlackBerry Q5 User Manual Guide Download Pdf Here you are the User Guide PDF Manual for BlackBerry Q5 directly from BlackBerry Product official website. BlackBerry Q5 user guide in English, Download from the Links my post below. Finally the rumors circulating during that BlackBerry will release a smartphone version of "cheap" is fulfilled. But not with as many names rumored BlackBerry R10 but Q5. Q5 officially released by its own CEO, Thorsten Heins, the BlackBerry carpet event titled Live Tuesday night (14/5) in Orlando, USA.

Cheap here is in quotes because the BlackBerry itself has not officially announced the official price related information. However, from several sources and observers in some trusted sites overseas mentions that the Q5 will be priced in the $ 300 price range. BlackBerry plans summer Q5 already on sale covers markets of Europe, Middle East, Asia including Indonesia and Latin America starting in July 2013. What is clear with the operating system BlackBerry OS 10 or the price much cheaper than the price of a BlackBerry with OS 10 as the Q10 and Z10 series.

BlackBerry Q5 comes with a choice of four pretty colors. Namely, black, white, red and pink. Already supports a QWERTY keyboard which is still a mainstay for the purposes of online conversations or BlackBerry Messaging (BBM) and the touch screen makes it easy to access content such as pictures or listening to music. No more button trackpad on this series.
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Even with low prices, but for the operating system and its features with premium grade BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 form of BlackBerry OS 10. Such as support for video communications BBM, Screen Share which allows users to share a virtual phone screen with other users. There is also the Time Shift feature, allowing the user to choose the best photos of many photographs obtained with only one object snap photos. And some other interesting features.

To be able to suppress the price of the hardware is there some cuts and also materials used are made of glossy plastic that seem cheaper than both the plastic materials used in the premium version of BlackBerry. The main camera also decreased as compared with the 3 megapixel Q10 and Z10 is an 8 megapixel camera. Q5 means only equipped with a 5 megapixel camera capacity and a secondary 2 megapixel camera which can be used for calling or video chat.

First time in the history of the BlackBerry released the BlackBerry unibody or not the battery is removable. To be able to replace the battery BlackBerry technicians require special assistance because there are no openings on the rear panel like the previous version of the BlackBerry.

Here you are the User Guide PDF Manual Copy / for BlackBerry Q5 directly from BlackBerry official website. BlackBerry Q5 user guide in English, Download from the Links below
Download BlackBerry Q5 User Manual Guide Or here for other languages

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