Google Nexus 7 User Manual

Google Nexus 7 user manual guide free pdf download instruction book online operating Setting Troubleshooting Support - Now Google Nexus 7 Manual User Guide available user manual / guide for you download link from Google Nexus 7 below, before you download, read a little review Google Nexus 7 Manual User Guide. Google Nexus 7 Manual: Download Asus Nexus Tablet User Guide - How To Turn on & sign in ? To turn on your Nexus 7, press the Power button on the right edge near the top for a few seconds, then release it.
The first time, you’ll see a Welcome screen.
  • To choose a different language, touch the menu.
  • To continue, touch Start and follow the instructions.
When prompted, sign in using the email address and password for your Google Account. If you don’t have one yet, go ahead and create one. An email address that you use for any of the following counts as a Google Account:
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
  • Google Apps
  • AdWords
  • Any other Google product
When you sign in with a Google Account, all the email, contacts, Calendar events, and other data associated with that account are automatically synced with your tablet. if you have multiple Google Accounts, you can add the others later.

How to Charge the battery ?
The printed Quick start Guide that comes with Nexus 7 contains basic operating instructions for your new tablet. The battery may not be fully charged at first. It’s a good idea to fully charge it as soon as you can.
Connect the micro usb cable to Nexus 7 and to the charging unit, and the charging unit to a power outlet:

IMPorTAnT: use the charging unit and micro usb cable that come with your Nexus 7. other charging units and usb cables may charge more slowly or not at all

You’re in control
When you opt in to Google Now, you’re also turning on location reporting and location history. Google Now also uses location information provided by Google’s location service and GPS, if those are currently turned on. Google’s location service must be turned on for Google Now to work. Google Now also uses data from other sources, such as your data in Google products or in third-party products that you allow Google Now to access. For example, your tablet’s synced calendar may include entries from non-Google calendar products. For example, if you have a synced calendar entry for a dentist appointment that includes the dentist’s address, Google Now can check traffic and suggest when to leave. And if you have searches  stored in your Web History, Google Now can also show cards based on sports scores, flight status, and so on.You’re in control. You can choose exactly which cards you’d like to see, adjust the details of what they display, and adjust your privacy settings. For more information about Google Now and your location information, see “Chapter 4, Make search personal,” on page 26. Page 26 u can download pdf below.
Download Asus Nexus Tablet User Guide pdf

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