Nokia Lumia 510 User Manual Guide

Nokia Lumia 510 user manual guide free pdf download instruction book online operating Setting Troubleshooting Support - Now Nokia Lumia 510 Manual User Guide available user manual / guide for you download link from Nokia below, before you download, read a little review Nokia Lumia 510 Manual User Guide. Nokia Lumia 510 User Manual Guide -  How to Insert the SIM card ? Important: This device is designed to be used with a mini-UICC SIM card, also known as a micro-SIM card only. A micro-SIM card is smaller than the standard SIM card. Use of incompatible SIM cards may damage the card or the device, and may 
corrupt data stored on the card. Do not use SIM cards that have been modified to fit the micro-SIM slot. To replace a standard SIM card with a micro-SIM card, contact your service provider. Do not attach any stickers to the card.

Insert the SIM card :

1. Place your fingernail in the gap on the lower right edge of the phone, and carefully 
lift and remove the back cover

2. If the battery is inserted, lift it out.
3. Make sure the contact area is facing down, and insert the card.
4. Line up the battery contacts, and insert the battery.
5. Replace the back cover.
Nokia Lumia 510

Learn how to start using your phone.

Keys and parts

1 — Connector for headphones and loudspeakers (3.5 mm)
2 — Earpiece
3 — Proximity sensor. Do not cover, for example, with protective film or tape.
4 — Volume key
5 — Power/Lock key
6 — Camera key
7 — Microphone
8 — Back key
9 — Start key
10 — Search key
11 — Micro-USB connector. Used also to charge the battery.
12 — Camera lens
13 — Loudspeaker

Charge from a computer
You can use USB charging when a wall outlet is not available. Data can be transferred  while charging the device. The efficiency of USB charging power varies significantly, and it may take a long time for charging to start and the device to start functioning.

1. First connect the USB cable to the computer, then to your phone.

2. When the battery is full, first unplug the USB cable from your phone, then from the computer.

If the battery is completely discharged, it may take several minutes before the charging indicator is displayed or before any calls can be made.

If you to read full, you can download user manual below.
Download Nokia Lumia 510 User Manual Guide (Pdf)

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