Meizu MX2 User Manual Guide

Meizu MX2 User Manual Guide - If the battery is critical, the MX will not boot. Connect it to a power adapter, and MX will display the charging animation. When the red battery changes color to green, press the Power button to boot into the Home screen. The Lock screen displays charging status. When the battery is full, a fully green battery is shown on the Lock screen, and the animation stops. Disconnect the power adapter from the power outlet, and then disconnect the MX

Meizu MX2

How Installing the Micro SIM card ? The Micro SIM card contains your phone numbers, text messages, and service information

Inserting the Micro SIM card
1 Remove the back cover.
2 Push the SIM card tray inwards, for the spring to be released.
3 Remove the SIM card tray and insert the SIM card, with the metal part facing up.
4 Carefully put the SIM card holder back into the phone, by pushing until hearing a “click” sound.

Table of Contents :
  • Important notes
  • Getting started
  • Accessories
  • Phone overview
  • Setting up
  • Battery
  • Touch screen
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Power on, off and the lock screen
  • Home screen
  • Text input
  • Basic operations
  • Connecting to computer
  • File transfers
  • Safe removal of disk
  • Network connectivity
  • App guide
  • Phone
  • Messaging
  • Browser
  • Email
  • Music
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Camera
  • Software Center
  • Maps
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Alarm Clock
  • Recorder
  • Calculator
  • Settings
  • Troubleshooting
  • Care tips
  • Appendix
Important notes
  • Traffic safety - Please comply with all local laws and regulations. Keep your hands free while driving. 
  • Safe operation - When using a wireless device may cause interference or danger; turn the phone off.
  • Interference - All wireless devices may be susceptible to interference, which could affect performance.
  • Hospitals - Please turn off the phone in hospitals during situations where it may interfere with medical equipment.
  • Flights - Follow safety instructions provided by airline staff. Wireless  devices can cause interference in aircrafts.
  • Gas stations - Do not use the device at gas stations when refueling. Do not use this device near gas or other chemicals.
  • Demolition sites - Follow any local restrictions. Do not use the device near  demolition sites.
  • Service & repairs - Only qualified personnel may service or repair this device.
  • Accessories - Please use original accessories and batteries. Do not use incompatible products.
  • Water damage - This device is not water resistant. Keep it dry.
  • Backups - Back up important information stored on the phone to prevent the loss of valuable data.
  • Connecting with other devices - Before connecting to any other device, read its user guide for detailed safety instructions. Do not connect with incompatible products.
  • Emergency calls - After starting up, ensure the phone has network reception. If necessary, unlock the device from standby mode. Open the Phone app, enter the emergency number, and tap the call utton. Tell the emergency staff about your location and the relevant circumstances.
If you read ful content, download user manual complete below.

[ Meizu MX (MODEL M03) - manual downloadManual ]

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