Motorola Defy Mini User Manual Guide

Motorola Defy Mini User Manual Guide Download Pdf Instruction Setting -  this specification is much more minimal when compared with the standard version of the Motorola Defy. But the matter of resistance both collided with a draw, able to withstand shock and splash resistant. Therefore, it is worth it when you are happy outdoor activities carry the Motorola Defy Mini.
Motorola Defy Mini

Recent calls
To show recent calls, touch  > Call log.
  • To call, text, open or save an entry, touch and hold it.
  • To clear the list, touch Menu  > Clear call log.
Conference calls
To start a conference call, call the first number. After they answer, touch Add call and call the next number. When the next number answers, touch Merge calls. To remove individual callers, touch Manage.
Call waiting
If you are on a call and a new call arrives:
  • With call waiting on, touch  and flick to , to answer the new call and put the old call on hold. Then, touch Swap to switch between calls, or Merge calls to combine them.
  • With call waiting off, the new call goes straight to your voicemail.
To turn on call waiting, touch Menu  > Settings > Call settings > Call feature settings > Additional settings > Call waiting.

Here you are the User Guide PDF Manual Copy / for Motorola Defy Mini irectly from Motorola official website. Motorola Defy Mini user guide in English, Download from the Links below

[Download Motorola Defy Mini User Manual Guide]

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