Solavei ZTE Origin Manual User Guide

Solavei ZTE Origin Manual User Guide and Operating Instruction - Adding a New GPRS/EDGE/3G Connection:
1. Touch the Home Key -> Application -> Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names.
2. Touch the Menu Key -> New APN.
3. Touch each item to enter the information you get from your service provider.
4. Touch the Menu Key -> Save to complete.
TIP: To set the APN to default settings, touch the Menu Key -> Reset to default.
Solavei ZTE

Importing/Exporting Contacts (SIM Card):
1. Touch the Menu Key -> Import/Export from the Contacts Screen.
2. Choose Import from SIM card or Export to SIM card. Your phone will automatically display the contacts.
3. Tick the contacts you want to import or export. Or, just touch  the  Menu Key -> Select all.
4. Touch OK.

Removing the Battery, SIM and microSD Card:
1. Make sure that your mobile phone is off.
2. Remove the back cover.
3. Lift the battery up and out.
4. Slide the SIM card out.
5. Slide the microSD card out.

To know more about operating instruction and troubleshooting tips of Solavie ZTE Origin smartphone, you can download this Solavie ZTE Origin user manual below.

Download Solavie ZTE Origin user guide english.PDF (1.36 MB)

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