ZTE Warp Sequent Manual User Guide

ZTE Warp Sequent Manual User Guide and Operating Instruction - How to Change the System Language?
1. Touch the Home Key -> Menu Key -> System settings -> Language & input -> Language.
2. Select the language you need.

Get Notified of Open Networks
1. Touch the Home Key -> Menu Key -> System settings -> Wi-Fi.
2. Slide the Wi-Fi switch to the ONposition.
3. Touch the Menu Key -> Advanced.
4. Tick the Network notification check box.

How to Edit Quick Response to Rejected Callers?
1. Touch the Home Key -> Menu Key -> System settings -> Call -> Quick responses.
2. Touch the text message to edit it

How to Protecting Your Phone With Encryption?
* Before turning on encryption, prepare as follows:
1. Set a lock screen PIN or password.
2. Charge the battery.
3. Keep the phone connected to the charger.
4. Schedule an hour or more for the encryption process: you must not interrupt it or you will lose some or all of your data.
* When you’re ready to turn on encryption:
1. Touch the Home Key -> Menu Key -> System settings -> Security -> Encrypt phone.
2. Read the information about encryption carefully.

The Encrypt phonebutton is dimmed if your battery’s not charged or your phone’s not plugged in.
If you change your mind about encrypting your phone, touch the Back Key.

WARNING!If you interrupt the encryption process, you will lose data.
3. Touch Encrypt phone.
4. Enter your lock screen PIN or password and touch Next.
5. Touch Encrypt phone again.
ZTE Warp Sequent

This manual is available online and you can download it directly from ZTE official website. ZTE Warp Sequent manual / owner guide comes in 193 pages in PDF file format with 1.82 MB in size. This user guide contains any information and instruction how to operate the ZTE Warp Sequent smartphone properly. The information collected in this process is not associated with a specific personal identity.

To know more about operating instruction and troubleshooting tips of ZTE Warp Sequent, you can download this ZTE Warp Sequent user manual.

Download ZTE Warp Sequent User Manual.PDF (1.82 MB)

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